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One Step Shrink Chamber Sealers
Setting the standard for shrink wrapping systems.
One Step Shrink Chamber Sealers
Minipack has the perfect One Step Shrink Chamber Sealers solution for any size of business. Smalller operations can choose between the very popular and compact FM 760 and the RP 85, which provide sealing and shrinking in one chamber. Medium to high-volume operations with a requirement of up to 30 items per minute are best equipped with a combination of the semi-automatic Media and the Minipack Tunnel 50 or Tunnel 50 Stainless Steel for extra long products.
Sealing Technology
perfect sealing results
  All machines are covered with a full view plexi-glass hood for easy operation. The teflon coated sealing blades hold up four times longer than conventional seal wire and are precisely temperature regulated.
powerful and reliable
  With use of Polyolefin or PVC film, these machines can shrink wrap from 6-30 items per minute. The patented instant fan stop prevents heat dispersion and enables energy savings.
Display, Controls & Programmability
  Intuitive control panels are ergonomically placed on the front of the machines with 3-digit display. 10 customizable programs increase operator productivity. Photo cell activation, adjustable hood opening, and programmable fan speed are available for selected systems.
All machines
RP 55
RP 85
FM 760
Smart Technology Features
Shrink wrap systems with film roll width of 20", 24",
and 32"
Powerful fans with instant stop: patented system
minimizes heat dispersion and create 20% energy savings
when lid is opened
Sensor controlled opening of lid: according to height
of product to be packaged (on selected product)
Impulse or continuous heated sealing blade with
electronic thermoregulation
Tearless perforation system: for films without proper
Automatic waste film winder: for maximum workplace
safety and efficiency (optional or standard)
10 customizable programs: to increase
operator productivity
Indicating display of system status
Two different conveyer belt modes: continous and
step-advance (Media+Tunnel)