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Hot Air Tunnels
Precise heat distribution. Best packaging results.
Tunnel Series
The Tunnel series 50 and 70 are master pieces of Minipack's shrinking devices, which can shrink most kinds of shrinking film. The stainless steel verison is perfect for food or pharmaceutical applications. Tunnel 50 Twin is designed to solve the needs of packing small product at high speed with great echnical and esthetic results. Double heating chamber and heating regulation, excellent thermal insulation, high speed belt, and great air flow control make this machine the perfect tool to shrink film.
Tunnel Size & Heating Systems
tight and conform
  Products can be shrink wrapped up to 16" in width and 45" in length. Rapid shrinking can be applied with the 7KW and 14KW heater wattage. Automatic cool-down feature helps to save energy and avoids heat dispersion.
powerful and reliable
  Choose between Tunnel 50, Tunnel 50 Twin and Tunnel 70 and connect these systems with Minipack's shrink wrapper and center sealer systems.
Display, Controls & Programmability
  The controls are digital with 9 selectable and customizable programs, enabling it to handle most shrink film and packing tasks. Conveyors can be adjusted in height to match the height of the merchandise and the exact speed for optimum wrapping.
All machines
Tunnel 50
Tunnel 50 Stainless
Tunnel 50 Twin
Tunnel 70
Smart Technology Features
Manual regulation of conveyor height
Adjustable air flow
Adjustable conveyor: the conveyor can be adjusted to
match the height of the merchandise and the exact
speed for optimum wrapping
Digital display with 9 storable programs
Automatic cool-down and automatic switch off
18" exit roll conveyor with self-rotating conveyor rolls
Tunnel 50 stainless steel is entirely made of stainless
making it durable, easy to clean and compliant
with food and drug industry standards
Tunnel 50 Twin has double-insulated walls: each chamber
is well insulated and features its own controls to set
each one independently.
Teflon or metal belts are available as optional feature
Inlet and outlet plexi-glass protectors available as optional