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Double Chamber Vacuum Sealers
Compact & efficient — ideal for small processing operations.
Double Chamber Vacuum Sealers
Minipack's Double Chamber Vacuum Sealers are made for highly efficient packaging results – while sealing in one chamber the other chamber is loaded. Our recessed chamber machines are designed for packaging food as well as non-food products. The light aluminum swing-lid is ergonomically designed and can be moved with minimal physical effort. The sealing mechanism features an extra seal pressure option that guarantees the highest quality of seal strength when sealing under modified atmosphere.
Chamber & Seal Bars
easy to clean surfaces
  Customize for your needs the seal bar lengths and types of wide flat, dual flat or dual convex seal wires. Create the perfect seal for aluminum or thick bags by utilizing top and bottom seal.
powerful and reliable
  Both models are equipped with a powerful Busch vacuum pump, which is able to process more than 2-3 cycles per minute. Choose a pump capacity of 75 m3/h (MVS 160) or 120 m3/h (MVS 170).
Display, Controls & Programmability
  The MVS 160 & 170 are both equipped with a water resistant digital display featuring user-settable preferences and up to 9 customizable programs. The electronic millibar sensor precisely measures the vacuum level and triggers the chosen sealing and de-evacuation modes.
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MVS 830F
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MVS 160-FB
MVS 170-FB
MVS 240-FB
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(10" Hood)
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Smart Technology Features
Fast and hygienic lid evacuation
Unique red meat program: avoids air bubbles and
improves shelf life
Multi cycle: pulse vacuuming for vacuum sensitive products
Gas plus program: allows ballooning to your packaging
Moisture quick stop: stops vacuuming instantly and
seals pouch (for liquid products)
Inert gas flush kit: option for modified atmosphere
Tray for liquids: vacuum liquid products fast and easy
Excess bag cut-off: for food safety and better bag handling
Quick change seal bars: with options of wide flat seal,
dual flat seal, dual convex seal, or top & bottom seal
Extra seal pressure: for best seal strength results when
sealing under modified atmosphere
Programmable sealing time: ensure optimized seal for
any thickness of bag
Evacuation filter kit: prevents oil and pump from
contamination when vacuuming dusty products
9 user settable programs