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Vertical Bagging
Maximum flexibility & efficiency.
Mail Bag
Minipack's Mail Bag is the ideal solution to wrap newspapers, cataloges, and overall publications. It is a semi-automatic vertical packaging machines with high versatility and extremely compact design, and works with clear or printed PE or LDPE film rolls. Choose for your Mail Bag System from a large variety of optional features such as magazine feeder, infeed and outfeed conveyor, or a automatic feeding system.
Sealing Technology
based on your needs
  The X-Bag machine can seal any kind of film. It seals on both ends and the center with a length from 0.78" - 15.74" and up to 110 lbs.
powerful and reliable
  Mail Bag is a semi-automatic form-fill-seal machine and can seal up to 1200 items per hour.
Display, Controls & Programmability
  Both models offer 10 user-settable programs for temperature control, sealing time, and sealing blade pre-heat. Audible signals and codes on the digital display let the operator know when special attention is needed. User-friendly and safe design lets the operator access all parts from the front.
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Mail Bag
Smart Technology Features
Innovative sealing system that seals different kinds of film:
polyethylene (PE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE)
10 customizable and storable programs on the digital
control panel
Reduced film waste by tailor made bags
Programmable sealing blade pre-heat
Energy-saving controls
Balanced heating element of sealing blade
Automatic bag length regulator with photocell
Audible trouble signal for operator
Automatic feeding system
Designed to be linked with shrink tunnel